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Proactive dealmakers
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About Factor

Factor Corporate Finance is an independent merger and acquisition specialist. The partners of Factor Corporate Finance share a great deal of wide ranging experience in the field of acquisitions, mergers, buy in and buy out operations, business valuation and debt advisory.

Factor Corporate Finance acts as a specialised merger and acquisition firm for private companies, entrepreneurial managers, investment companies, public institutions and management teams, and acts as adviser to either the buyer or the seller. Factor Corporate Finance’s strength lies in the fact that we manage the entire process in a proactive manner, from an initial orientation to the ultimate transfer of ownership.

The way we work can be summarised by our core values of professional expertise, a proactive approach and focus on the deal.

The way we work can be summarised by our core values of: professional expertise, a proactive approach, and focus on the deal.

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Proactive approach

Our clients appoint us to carry out an assignment with a specific objective. You want to sell a business, take over a business, or you wish to receive support in specific aspects of the process, all within a defined period of time. This calls for a highly proactive approach on the part of your corporate acquisitions adviser. It is no good waiting till something happens to come along. We leave nothing to chance. We get to work, to ensure you achieve your objectives. We guide you through the acquisition process, keeping tight control and leading you to your goal in a structured manner.

Experience of deals in a wide range of sectors

We have advised business owners on transactions in a wide range of branches, such as graphics and media, mechanical engineering, wholesale, (corporate) services, secondment, ICT, (agri)food, installation and industry.

Clear pricing

No hourly invoicing, but based on a fixed price, which leads to a clear pricing structure for both you and for us. We are willing to take on this commitment because of the enormous confidence we have in our active approach.


Between them Factor’s partners have extensive experience with corporate finance in a wide variety of industries. All the expertise needed for a successful business acquisition is at hand within Factor. Besides this we work closely with specialists like accountants, fiscal and legal advisers, who can be brought in to advise on specific issues. This means that you as our client can be assured of having the best team to look after your interests optimally, throughout the acquisition process.

Focus on the deal

We are dealmakers, and ultimately that is what you look to us for. A structured approach is essential if you wish to achieve a successful transaction. We are also skilled in putting together a suitable selection of buyers or sellers, so that you as our client can ultimately make a well-considered choice of who you wish to do business with. Because our fee is largely based on achieving a successful transaction, your interests as a client and Factor Corporate Finance’ interests as your adviser are always aligned.

Long-term relationship

Because a long-term client relationship is our key priority we are clear right from the start about what is possible and what is not possible in an acquisition process. In the case of an MBI this means that we make an honest assessment of feasibility. This is largely determined by the combination of background and available resources. For the sale of a business this means that we produce a valuation which provides an important indication of the proceeds of sale. Everything we do is focused on building up a long-term relationship.

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International network

Factor Corporate Finance is member of ICFN (International Corporate Finance Network). ICFN is an international alliance of specialized financial and legal consultancy firms, committed to provide you support in the financial and corporate affairs of your company. All the firms are locally recognized as experts in M&A and Corporate Finance, and engaged in Cross Border projects and transactions. Factor Corporate Finance is the exclusive partner of ICFN for the Netherlands.

Through the ICFN network we are able to facilitate our clients on cross border transactions in both sell side and buy side deals.