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A wide variety of reasons may lie behind the decision to sell your company. For example you may wish to enjoy more leisure time, you are ready for a new challenge in your career as an manager, or you can see that your business needs a different type of manager who is capable of piloting the business onward to a new phase. Whatever your motivations in considering a sale, you are faced with an important and far-reaching decision which will have a significant influence on your life. In order to achieve the optimum result from the sale of your business a thorough and professional approach is vitally important.

The sale of a company is never a standard process, but is always custom work. The sale can occur in various ways, and with a variety of objectives. Based on your own starting point we work with you to determine the form that the sale process should take.

A number of specific sale scenarios occur frequently, and we will look at each of them individually:

  • Sale to third parties
  • Sale to management
  • Sale within the family

For the specific characteristics and points to consider regarding the various ways you can sell your business, you can choose from the links displayed on the top right.

Sale to third parties
Sale to third parties

In a sale of your business to a third party, it is important to find the right buyer. Our extensive database facilities and our extensive network of investment companies, fellow merger and acquisition advisors, banks and management buy-in (MBI) candidates, put us in a position to find the right buyer for you. The right buyer may be a strategic party or a management buy-in purchaser. Both types of buyers have their own specific characteristics, and neither of them is necessarily more suitable than the other. Selecting the right buyer depends, among other things, on the value that you attach to factors such as the structuring of the transaction, payment of the purchase sum, financing of the transaction, continuity of the business, and the position of the personnel following the change of ownership.

We will be pleased to exchange ideas with you about the options for the sale of your business, without commitment.

Sale to management
Sale to management

Businesses are more and more often being sold to the existing management, instead of to external parties. This is referred to as a Management Buy-Out (MBO). The principal feature of this type of sale is that the business is taken over by one or more people who already work for the business. These people will be transformed by the change of ownership from employee to owner. A process that will also have an impact on the internal culture and employee – employer relations within your organisation. When considering whether you wish to sell your business to the existing management there are a number of important questions you should ask yourself, including:

  • Is the management/the buyer capable of running the business?
  • Why do they wish to take over the business?
  • Are you prepared to back the management financially?
Sale within the family
Sale within the family

The sale of a business to family members is one of the most common and most obvious succession scenarios. However this form of change of ownership hides the greatest number of dangers. A transfer of ownership within the family means realising a transaction whereby not just the seller and the buyer need to feel good about the transaction, but the interests of other family members are also not underestimated.

The valuation is a vitally important aspect of a sale within the family. Because this needs to be done in such a way that there is no room for discussion afterwards. It is also important to take time to reflect on valuation versus market price. After all the deal must also be capable of being justified on rational grounds afterwards.

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